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    Well, since I finally made my first post, I figured I'd best actually introduce myself.

    ... and that's all you get. <.<... >.>...


    I sense some of you are still here...

    ... *cough* I'm a web developer currently employed at a corporate data security and asset management facility in Reno, NV. As well as being a web developer, I also have a background in database administration, system and network admin (along with part of my CCNA), and some various Java development.

    I tend to tinker around with tabletop gaming here and there and would like to make my own system one day. Much like my background in computers, I tend to dabble in a bit of everything when it comes to RPGs, both in terms of what I play, and what I like to do - mapping isn't my strong point, so, I tend to lurk around here to leech off good tips and tutorials.

    And now that I'm done sounding way too self-centered... I'm going to vanish again...

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    Welcome and do feel free to chime in more often, everyone's opinion counts. Oh and cool name.
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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