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Thread: Realm of the Nine Blades WIP

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    Wip Realm of the Nine Blades WIP

    An ongoing project..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looking very nice. Have some rep. Oooh, this will be your 100th rep!! *happy*

    Also: Need water!!!

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    Beautiful as always. Your shadows are phenomenal. I also really like the way the trees taper out near the edge of the forest.

    Whats the scale on this? The size on the trees does make it look like it would be a pretty small island.

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    This is quite nice so far, looking forward to seeing more.
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    i must say this style i've never liked it but yours... is really appealing! good job cant wait to see more... again i love this map!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by megrim View Post
    i must say this style i've never liked it
    When you say you dont like this style did you mean world/reigonal mapping or did you mean maps done with a 3D look ?

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    It's a kind of artistic 3D, it seems to me. I find the look really appealing. It's almost like he modeled the area in foamboard and whatnot, like you would with model trains or the like, then took top-down pictures.
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    Wip Current WIP

    Ive been neglecting this project due to the work that Ive been putting into my competition map. Here is the latest WIP Ive added some arrid regions and some arctic or colder regions aswell...

    Click image for larger version. 

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