This months challenge is also inspired by the "founder" of the mapping challenge concept. I've taken one of his ideas and expanded on it a bit (basically by just adding guidelines and rules).

Take a map of your own hometown or current locale (use google maps?) and transform it into a place of fantasy or sci-fi via the magic of cartography. Imagine if you will your own town or locale with the same basic structure, but instead set into the past, the future, or even another reality altogether.

  • Entry should be based on a real location from your own past or present
  • Entry must NOT contain any real world elements (such as using a google map satellite screenshot to paint on or for texturing)
  • Entry should not be drawn in a modern format, try to be artistic
  • Bonus consideration for providing a google map link or other image of the way the location exists today in real life
  • Bonus consideration for including a writeup describing the location as it exists in your map

Remember to follow the posting guidelines and to create your own threads for entries. WIP posts in this forum are welcomed, use this thread to discuss the challenge itself. You have one month...go!