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Thread: Map Maker looking for doors

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    Help Map Maker looking for doors

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a great set of doors of the metal and wood type. anyone happen to have a good selection?

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    If you mean door symbols seen from above? Could be worth checking out the dunjinni forums. We may have one or two here in the 'mapping elements' subforum but I think that dunjinni will have more. They can't be too hard to make though.

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    I have a map tile pack with some doors in it. I don't know what style you're after (mine is hand drawn but there are more photo-real versions out there). My pack can be found here

    Here are some examples:
    Name:  SteelPrisonDoor.png
Views: 161
Size:  15.2 KB Name:  PrisonDoor.png
Views: 161
Size:  15.3 KB Name:  Door.png
Views: 215
Size:  15.0 KB Name:  BarredDoor.png
Views: 157
Size:  3.5 KB

    Equally, the Dunjinni forums are a great resource for that sort of stuff.

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