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Thread: First post - 2 maps

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    Map First post - 2 maps

    Hi all!

    I am a long time map maker, and I have been to this site on occasion looking for maps to play with in photoshop. I do a lot of copy and paste photoshop work on existing maps mostly but I do create some original material.

    I use maptool to run my Dark Sun campaigns and I found an interesting use for Google's free Sketchup modeler. I realized that I could use sketchup to make battle maps of course but also backdrops for non combat scenes in my campaign. Its probably easier to show you so here goes:

    Back Drop -
    Combat map: Low res paste up (trash)
    Combat map high res

    So what do I use the backdrops for you ask? Well I set up tokens in Maptool I call "vendor tokens" that if the players hover over a brief list of what they have for sale appears next to their portrait. Again its probably easier to see what im talking about so here is an example to give you guys ideas:
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    Glad to see you came over here Vizier!
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    Hi there Joe.

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    That's some creative thinking there, nice stuff.
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    EDIT: I just realized that the battle map I linked above was a low rez paste up I did for something else. Heres a link to the real thing (4mb)
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    Updated orignal post with a huge map. I can turn off the shadows if anyone wants a version like that just let me know!

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    You have some nice work there...
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    Not sure if anyone will ever use this maps but heres an updated version of the battlemap with a lot more buildings and better shadow angle.

    its 4 megs so be warned.

    Heres another hi res backdrop if anyone wants that too:
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    This is a really interesting technique, especially for the buildings.

    I can see this sort of thing being really useful for mapping modern city grids, the effect might be a bit like Google Maps Satellite view.

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