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Thread: Why did it take so long to find you all?

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    Post Why did it take so long to find you all?

    I was just puttering around on the internet the other day, biding my time when I should be finishing a map that my friend had requested, when I stumbled upon this den of like-minded individuals.

    I don't have a scanner at the moment so I won't be able to share my work with anyone for a bit, as it's mostly hand drawn. I'm glad that the board doesn't discriminate between manual and computer assisted maps; when I get a scanner I hope to use it for colorization.

    Good cartography can set the tone of a campaign better than character design, it's the only visual art that directly affects the outcome of play. A good GM can't live without maps.

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    ... must hav...e map......

    Welcome to the guild!

    A lot of nifty things the computer does feel like tricks that I really can't take much credit for. Computers are great tools and they do some undeniably neat things. NOTHING replaces being able to draw though.

    Skills are harder to get than software revisions .
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    Welcome Aboard!

    Looking forward to seeing some of your maps!
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    Welcome to the Guild

    The internet's best kept Secret!
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    Thank you for the kind words.

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