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    Post hi there


    I want to create my own maps for Axis & Allies Miniatures, so here I am!


    (Mainly I want to create urban-assault-maps, for example Stalingrad)
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    Welcome Aboard!

    We have a bunch of folks from Conquer Club (basically online RISK) as members who've posted some of their work. You may want to check the game board forum (if you already haven't)
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    Welcome to the Guild. I am assuming you mean the Axis & Allies collectable Miniature game?
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    Hi rb43, if you want a great reference for the tractor works in Stalingrad, then check out the Advanced Squad Leader sites and see if you can find it there. You'll have to rescale it for A&A but most of the work will have been done for you - and the ASL guys really do their research.

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    Thanks for the very nice welcome!

    Quote Originally Posted by NeonKnight View Post
    I am assuming you mean the Axis & Allies collectable Miniature game?
    I think so.. ;-) the game with the little tanks and stuff from "wizards".

    Had time to read some articles -> was the best idea to join this forum since starting Axis&Allies-minis.
    Thanks alot!

    @ravels: sorry, it seem, that I'm too dump to find advanced squad leader maps to download on the i-net, can you give me a little hint, where i can find 'em?
    (Everyone else may answer me, too ;-) )

    (sorry for my bad english!)
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