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    Post let me introduce myself ...

    well met fellow mapsters,

    i'm new to cartography stuff. been working on a fantasy world for a couple years now, did a lot of PnP mapping, got tired of the endless redoings, decided to try a software approach.

    recently started using ProFantasy stuff, just Fractal Terrains so far. very much pleased with this approach VS the PnP way of doing things.

    hoping to glean some world-building hints and helps here.


    Later: was pointed to an excellent FTPro tutorial by the designer, waldronate: Tutorial for Cartographer’s Guild. _VERY_ helpful for FT noobz.
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    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Look around, try some of the tutorials, ask questions, post up some of your work!

    We don't bite!
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    thanks everyone. i'm trying to get started with the world-building thing using Fractal Terrains. anyone know of a good noobie guide for this?

    i've got some moderately detailed ideas for parts of my world but i like the randomness that FT introduces for the parts i haven't settled on. that said i can't really figure out how to do what i want in FT, hence the request.

    i've watched the tutorials for CC3 -- which i also have and expect to port my FT world into it -- and was hoping for something like that with with FT ... but no joy yet.

    more questions than answers i'm afraid.

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    Welcome to the guild teef.
    Seeing your nick was a bit weird for me... teef = bitch in dutch. Ah well
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandwarf View Post
    ... teef = bitch in dutch.
    whoopsy! actually it comes from my initials, TF. just to clear the air though i promise to keep the teef-ing to a minimum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandwarf View Post
    teef = bitch in dutch
    And I felt kinda silly for "töff" meaning motorscooter in German.

    Well met, teef!

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