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Thread: June Entry: Pocket Island

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    Wip June Entry: Pocket Island

    A Wizard's Pocket Island.

    An enchanted item (hollow glass ball) that acts as a wizards sanctum - "a deserted island somewhere under the Carribean sun". It can be accessed only by the wizard by activating the item with a spell (Magic words: "I Need a Vacation!"). When used, the wizard and the sanctum are transported into a small pocket universe, and to the outsiders, vanish with a small puffy cloud of smoke.

    Quite simple, isn't it ? Just don't shake it too much.. or you might find your cabin washed into the sea.
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    Hmmm.. It's still missing something.. maybe some clouds? Will get back to it.

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    Looks good.

    I think it would be more powerful if the bubble was more distinct from the background and there was more of interest on the island.


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    Wip June Entry: Pocket Island

    Yeah, have to admit that. Maybe I'll think of something and add some details, like a tower, another island and maybe a rope bridge connecting them. But here's a picture with the clouds I mentioned.
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    Looks cool, what are you using to make the image?

    Two issues I see with it.

    1. Your waves, you seem to have waves upon waves, the small ripples look fine, but the large waves suggest that your little island is often crushed under several hundred tonnes of the wet. The water itself really should make a plane with small waves on that.

    2. Your island seems to float in the water, I would expect to see sand at the bottom of the sphere, not water.

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    Wip June Entry: Pocket Island


    and for who asked about it, it's done with vue.
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    I like this alot. I especially like that the weather will always be perfect since it's enclosed within that bugs either. Cool stuff.
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    Thanks Ascension! A closed ecosystem has it's benefits I was planning to add a pier to the main island.. + some fish to the sea. The pier worked out just fine, but the fish seem to be quite distorted because of the the refractions etc.. so not sure if I'm going to implement them on the next version or not.
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    Wip June Entry: Pocket Island

    Another updated version.

    ###Latest WIP###
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    Post You need a top down view too.

    Great 3D art, but I think you ought to create a topdown render of the islets, so one could use it more like a map. Then place your 3D illustration, beside the mapped isles, and perhaps a text description of the item and usage below the 3D illustration to complete this.

    Right now it looks like a cool 3D illustration, but not really a map.

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