ok, i'm sure i'm going to feel like a dork when i find out how this is actually done but ...

i have a world i like a lot in FTPro except there is a big, deep divot in the middle of one of the continents that i'd like to turn into a flat grass land. so i'd like to paint the whole area to, say, 1200 ft +/- 100 feet.

after much document reading and tool findling i find I basically don't know how to do this efficiently. too noob to know what i don't know here.

i can paint and paint and paint with the 'raise' tool but that seems totally lame and gives weird results anyway. what i'd really like to to do is just set the paint to an absolute values, '1200 +/- 100' or whatever, and have at it. or select the area with the polygon tool and do the same, one shot, fixed altitude set.

any suggestions from the FT savvy crowd? many thanks!