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    Well I made it, did this with pencil and paper and minor editing with MS paint after scanning it in the computer labs ( The scanner wasn't big enough for the art work and so I had to chop it up and reassemble and blend boders with the spray paint can feature... I miss the blend and tint features of my old programs)

    The map is of an item called the jar of refuge. It's actually one of several items passed down through generations.

    The first of these jars was a Gift from Danshir Al Kashayyn to his oldest son.

    With it came the story of the unique lineage of the Al Kashayyn Family.

    The short version of it is that Danshir himself was born a poor nomad, and found himself lost in the dunes after a sand storm had burried and changed all the landmarks around him.

    He set his sights on a glint in the distance hoping it might be from a caravan or a body of water and traveled the distance to find a simple glass jar unburried from it's sandy tomb.

    Hopeing for some water he unstoppered the bottle and set free the malevolent Efreet within.

    As it was bound to do the Monsterous being offered Danshir one wish for freeing it, but at a terrible price. Danshir Might have whatever he wish in all the worlds, but once granted he had three years to live what happiness he could before the Efreet would return and whipe The Al Kashayyn Family, heirs and blood from the world and take their worldly goods for his own.

    Danshir lamented his fate greatly and begged to be let free of all the promised sorrow if he would relinquish the wish.

    The Sneer Efreet said only that giving up the wish would bring instant death. Danshir pondered the prospects of instant death or the illusion of life for three years waiting for death to fall.

    But as his heart settled he was struck by inspiration.

    "Very well demon, I have my wish. I wish to be wed to, loved by and made a father through the eldest daughter of a Djinn of greater power then yourself who calls you an enemy."

    The Efreets fury was near boundless at such a wish asked of him. But it the distant clouds a thunderous laugh was heard. A far more powerful Djinn had heard the wish and came to see that the sacred bond was honored by the Efreet. And once it had been the Djinn struck down the foul Efreet where he stood before the Djinns new Son in Law.

    Members of the family grew to be great adventurers, even his grandaughters adventured in forign land and wed heros there.

    Throughout the centuries the family has been remarked to have long lives, increadible luck, and they were capable of disappearing beneath the very noses of their enemies. (The family secret is the ability to flow into jars, bottles and similar containers at will, and reside in them safely and comfortably for long periods of time).

    ### Latest WIP ###
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    why does it not show up in the thumbnails?

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    I think they have to add it manually to the thread, but the script will automatically update it after that.

    Rather similar to the idea I had of the castle in a bottle. Sadly I never got around to doing much more than the basic sketches of that one.

    Really like your style. Going to do much more on this before the end?

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    Nah unfortunately that's really it for this one. I don't have the skill for interior design really and I don't have a computer system with which to adjust the images.

    I would have liked to find some decent interior design images to use in creating the furnishing and work a bit more on the perspective (the two floor layouts are intended to be wrap around images of the interior of the jar) and unfortunately The crystal running up the interior doesn't look at all like I intended.

    I also would have liked to have made the pencil darker (though I do think once I get settled in the new place I will be able to get out some supplies and make some real old style inks that when artificially aged will brown)

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