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Thread: Anyone else using Sketchup to create maps?

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    Post Anyone else using Sketchup to create maps?

    Title pretty much says it all. Id love to swap trade secrets with a fellow sketchup user.

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    I don't use it for making maps but I do use for some things. I've got a few posts about it and some basic building shapes in the Elements section. If I had more patience for doing structures then I'd use it a whole lot more. It's a lil clunky to get used to but so is most anything for that matter. I like it and find it fun to mess around with.
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    That link is pretty cool thanks I might use some of those.

    Heres a cool link for you: Look down this thread a little at a plugin called "protrude" now think of it as a random city map generator that you can customize or just luse it a as a base for something. Only takes a few seconds to create cool / believable maps in any case.

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    Theres quite a lot of people dabble with it here. Some use it for previs stages for a more authentic hand drawn render later. If you look at the CWBP location guide which is a link in my sig and look up Tile 7, Snapgallows then Seer and the FHCO did that in sketchup and made a real decent job of it.

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