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    Wip New World Map

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this site and I love the maps everyone is making. I want to show my own so maybe people can give me tips or feedback since you all seem helpful.

    I make maps for my DnD group, and I'm reviving an old setting that they were hoping to play in again, and I wanted to make a new map. Anyway, here is my map which is a WIP, and I'm not exactly sure where to take it from here. I've had trouble matching the appropriate style for moutains, forests, etc. with the overall map style and it usually ends with me disliking the map. Maybe someone can help me out with where to go from here?


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    Welcome and good start - keep us posted on the progress.

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    I'll echo what RedRobes has said...
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    I bought my dad a new road atlas for father's day the other day and this kind of reminds me of that. In there they just use black triangles to designate significant mountain peaks. If you wanted to go to the more topographic style then we'd need to know what software you are using...if it's Photoshop then you might want to read thru some of my tuts. Not everyone likes my mtns either so who knows. The best advice I could give right now is to look thru the Finished Maps section and see what grabs your eye then look into the WIP threads to see how they did it. Often the WIP threads will point to a tutorial that they used.

    Overall, though, I'd say you have a nice start (like the others have said) and for this clean and clear style I'd forget about realistic forests...just use darker green amorphous blobs (not too dark just a lil darker). Getting all of the things to mesh together is the hardest part of mapping (aside from rivers) so know that you're not alone is this and we'll do our best to help ya out if we can.
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    Just saying there is a HUGE amount of land compared to water in this world map, in case you wanted the planet to be earth-like

    Other than that it's a good start

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