In the What are you playing? thread, I posted that I occasionally run Faery's Tale for my kids to which RPMiller said:

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Faery's Tale!!! What do you think of it? Any feedback?
It has good entertainment value and my kids love it! I like the ability it has to run a fast paced game (key for young children with shorter attention spans). We play using the diceless option (we use black and white stones pulled from a bag for determining success) as noted on P34.

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Do you have any play session write-ups?
No write-ups. They have managed to save Jack from the Giant though. I made heavy use of RPG-SoundMixer to help create atmosphere for that tale. The Giant snored loudly; birds chirped, frogs croaked, and bees buzzed as the faeries walked/flew through the forest; and Jack's village was full of farm and people noises.

The next tale saw them rescuing twins from two goblins and a swamp troll. The two Sprites sacrificed themselves distracting the troll while the children and two other faeries (pixie and brownie) escaped on a pooka turned horse (I play the pooka, a sidekick to the pixie). The children were cowering in their home (a little hut) in the corner, under a table with their parents equally terrified and they could all hear the troll finally coming up the way. The pixie was down to 1 Essence and the brownie had no idea what to do (she's 4 after all ). The pixie, in a grand epiphany, turned to the pooka and asked, "Can you be a big scary bear?" The bear barely managed to best the troll and send it packing (down to 1 Essence for the pooka). The sprites revived and reached the hut just in time to learn that Jule, the brownie, had revealed herself to the family and so would have to find a new home. The other faeries are now trying to figure out how to find Leanan to ask her to allow Jule to remain with her human family.

The next little jaunt will see them at the Tournament of the Fey where they'll meet Princess Joy of Merry Brook. If all goes well, the faeries will end that jaunt as Knights of Merry Brook, with a promise from Princess Joy to intercede with Queen Leanan for Jule and with a hint that "something dark" lurks in the heart of Brightwood.

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Do you play using the Dark Essence at all? How do your kids do with that aspect?
Yes we use it and three of them are horrified that their precious pixie (sprite or brownie) might become a dark faery and so avoid even talking about {breathy whisper}Dark Essence{/breathy whisper}. The fourth, however, is lovingly known as Gozer, has a penchant for the dark (Darth Vader was his hero for a year or so) and is fascinated by what Dark Essence might do to his sprite, Cort. So far, they've all managed to avoid gaining any Dark Essence.

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Do they have a favorite type of faery? Would you have any interest in adventures, settings, or *ahem* maps for it? Do you have any questions about it?
The boys both like sprites (but not pookas), one girl likes pixies and the other brownies. Personally, I like pookas.

I would LOVE more adventures, settings and (oh yeah!) maps for it! I am actually in the process of making a map for Brightwood as I'm going to need details on where Merry Brook is or where Jack's villiage was or what lies around the "Heart of Darkness" in the center of Brightwood that is slowly becoming corrupted.