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Thread: Conlang???

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    Post Conlang???

    Does anyone have a conlang?
    If so please translate this:
    I am / Qu trit
    You are / Qus trits
    He is / Qath tritq
    She is / Qaeth tritq
    It is / Qite tritq
    We are / Quk trin
    You are / Qusk trib
    They are / Qathel trin

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    Que? It seems that you have included the translations...

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    Could be he included what they are in his conlang, and wants us to post what they are in ours?

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    Yes, that makes much more sense that what I was thinking. My brain is like a pea in that it is small, wrinkly, green, and tasty in soup.

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    Hmm. Whether a conlang has words or phrases that translate simply into the words/phrases above says a lot about the form and structure of the language, I think. I wouldn't expect every conlang to be that convenient, and when it did, I'd suspect the lang had a bit of a european influence in its development.

    (That being said... I, being of european descent, have an affinity for european-styled languages that structure in this way...)
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    instead of you all translate it you go talkin' about it.

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    Is that not the purpose of a forum? Discussion? Anyway, maybe I'l have something up later, if I can be bothered to search up the file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    How about:

    ik ben
    jij bent
    hij is
    wij zijn
    jullie zijn
    zij zijn
    Dude, Dutch is not a conlang!
    Although I must admit... it would be pretty cool if my native language was a conlang.

    But fine, here goes my own favorite conlang Irduron:
    em (ec) - I am
    es (sy) - you are
    et (eá) - he is
    est (hé) - she is
    sei (wir) - we are
    sér (dir) - you are (pl)
    sech (ear) - they are

    Since Irduron is a pro-drop language and the personal pronoun is usually omitted, I put them in parentheses.
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