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Thread: [taken]Kaidan map commission challenge

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    Post [taken]Kaidan map commission challenge

    Idea, a sponsored challenge for say August 2009...

    Kaidan is my soon to be published setting and adventure arc. The initial campaign arc has all its maps, however, at the end of the summer I will begin creating a larger 1st - 20th level campaign.

    I want a city map based on my May Challenge Entry: Tanaka's Challenge, (see Redrobes attachment at the end of that thread for all the maps put together.) Follow link to see the slice:

    Use this slice to help you imagine the rest of that same town. Think of the castle at the southern central end of the map, and the rest of the town surrounds it in a roughly upsidedown U-shape. Use the May Challenge map to help you differentiate the various districts of the town.

    I will post idea art pieces showing what a typical street looks like, along with some sample structures as a loose guide only.

    Entries would not have to match the style of the May Challenge, in fact I prefer that you use your own style to create it.

    As a sponsored Mapping Challenge, the winner will receive a $50 commission fee, and will have their map published in the first adventure of the next campaign, plus once published the adventure will be given as a free bonus.

    As far as licensing goes, I will own the work under "All Rights Reserved", but offer a CC licensed version posted here for free downloads.

    If this challenge suggestion is approved, I will post more specific details at that time.



    EDIT: I entered 08-01-2009 for poll to close, but it reads 07-08-2009, which is a mistake, so I may extend the poll, on a different thread at that time (man, this suggestion is fighting me!)
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