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Thread: WIP Complete, full color, 2d / 3d vector map of Tyr

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    Post WIP Complete, full color, 2d / 3d vector map of Tyr

    Fellow map makers, behold the power of Sketchup!!

    This is a work in progress but progress is going very fast. Now that I have broken through the glass ceiling with Sketchup you guys and the Dark Sun community in general can expect some fantasic resources coming very soon (like a few days).

    To that end this is a beta version of what I hope will become the new "official" map of Tyr. Once I get all the buildings modeled up I can paint them very easily. Then the really fun stuff begins. I am going to place unique buildings in there and as a long term goal all the points of interest described in the books will be custom building with these medium quality buildings as the filler.

    And the best part is this will be available as a vector map. That means that you can zoom in as far as you want to go, from a birds eye view all the way to combat grid level.

    As you can see I am modeling this right off the OFFICIAL boxed set map(!!)

    This will be something like the finished version, but the final version buildings will be fully colored and textured:
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