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Thread: Simple Stratego Custom Map/Piece Builder for Inkscape

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    Post Simple Stratego Custom Map/Piece Builder for Inkscape

    I just read a thread about 'Print and Play' games...

    This is a cool idea...perhaps I could start off simple, by making a template to generate custom game boards and pieces/cards etc...

    I think I may try that in the shouldn't be too hard to write a quick script that would allow map makers to skip the boring grid card layout and get on to the map making...

    Now for a really simple game map to start with...

    Perhaps that old Stratego game...
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    Stratego - I loved that game!
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    Tutorial How To Print & Play (PnP) Stratego With Inkscape

    Well I created a script to make custom Stratego game pieces, only to stumble onto another existing and developed script (with a wider range of features than my own, I might add), that could be used for this purpose.

    So I created a tutorial on how to use the existing script (I Boardgames Extensions) and my template csv/svg combo to make your own Stratego boards and pieces



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    updated link


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