Hi! I love maps, both historical and fantastical. When I taught history at the University of Iowa in the 1990s I often borrowed maps from the library so I could point to locations for my students as I talked about one historical phenomenon or another. It's amazing how much history you can learn just by looking at historical maps.

I've also created a map (in many pieces) of large parts of my D&D campaign world. I actually have poor spacio-mechanical skills so it's very much a labor for me.

I'm wondering if anyone around here might have an interest in creating a map or maps for my D&D campaign world. There are two sites I've been meaning to develop but with my poor spacio-mechanical skills haven't had the time.

One is just a simple wooden stockade fort. I was even just thinking of using the Steading of the Hill Giant Chief’s upper level for it, although I have in mind something more along the lines of a large American frontier fort.

I’d also like to have a small, fortified port city that has a relatively small entrance to the harbor with a stone tower or stone rock outcropping towering over each side of the opening. If they’re rock they’d have stairways, rooms and windows carved in them to allow people to fire down at any ships that come near the opening to the harbor. A massive chain would run just under the surface to stop any unwanted ships from entering, but could be retracted to allow friendly vessels to enter (or leave). So in the rock on either side would have to be room for the chain to retract and for mechanisms to retract and extend the chain. (I’m not even sure if that’s physically possible, but it seems like a cool idea.) I was also thinking that there’s a “dungeon” under the ground level, for storage, access to the chain and mechanism, with a secret underwater entrance which characters might use to access the one or the other of the towers by swimming or using an Apparatus of Kwalish.

In my current campaign the pirate kingdom has seized the fortified port and one inland fort from the half-elven kingdom, and might sent the party (which has reached 23rd-25th levels) to try to free one or both. I can’t really have them do either though until I have the physical locations designed. So I don’t know if anybody here might help with that or not, but it would be great if they did. I imagine there's some forum here to ask for that sort of thing, but as I'm new I haven't had a chance to look around yet. I hope it's ok that I mentioned it here. Thanks!