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    Map Le Spezia

    Map for a friends campaign. Actually a remake of an older simpler map. I was trying out a few new things here, some of which worked out, others not so much.
    Oh and btw, this town is in a hot and dry locale, it's not just me using desaturated, brown/yellowy colours this time. =P

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    I like it Larb. I like it a lot! Repworthy even.
    It's a nice looking town, good layout and it has a great fantasy feel. It could be used in a lot of campaigns I think.

    Are you going to label it?
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Not gonna label it because as said, it's a map done for a friend and they know what the labels are mostly.
    I know there's supposed to be a huge church in the middle, a townhall, a theatre, some kinda barracks, and some inns. Some of those should be obvious, but the rest, no idea. It's not a campaign I play in so I never attached any labels myself. I could consult with the person who wanted it and add some later though!

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    Very nice, I like the colors and the soft feel.
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    I like this alot! Also, it gives me an idea on how to do the aqueducts for my Dragongate map.
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