First, my apologies to Syt for the name of my entry being awfully close to his. I assure you that the actual spot used as a basis for my entry is a real town called Wellington in UK. The crop marks that instigate the fictional dig are real and can be seen on Google Earth at the coordinates on the form.

This entry is supposed to look like a computer-generated form with some hand-crafted elements and handwriting, in which the computer application itself is designed to be reminiscent of a blueprint.

This is being done strictly with Photoshop which, not actually being a CAD program, sometimes has some challenges pretending to be one.

So far I have the topography, river and roads done. The actual archaeological tidbits of interest remain, plus the legend for those.

I am not an anthropologist and I have no idea if there are any bronze-age settlements in the UK, though I'd guess there are, and I certainly have no knowledge of any digs around Wellington.

As always, suggestions and critcism are welcome.

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