Nevermet Press is a new publishing company launched on July 6th that uses crowd sourcing, creative networking, and profit sharing to develop system neutral RPG gaming products. We currently have over 20 writers and five artists who are participating as Content Developers, but we want to expand considerably. While we do not pay commissions up front, these positions are work-for-hire positions that will pay royalties quarterly on a pro rata basis for product profit margins for as long as the product is in publication. Our website is also considered a "product", and once we kick in our freemium subscription service, all CDs will share in the revenue we generate. Currently, we are establishing our web presence and will be moving into PDF and print products later this year.

WRITERS: We are looking for several writers who are interested in fantasy, steampunk, scifi, or modern genres and who are capable of developing content independent of any one game system. Structured Fiction is what some are calling it.

CARTOGRAPHERS: We are looking for 3 or 4 cartographers who would be able to produce one _decent_ map per month. These maps will be everything from small-scale combat "encounter maps" for RPGs, all the way up to large scale region/continental world maps as needed.

ARTISTS: We are looking for several artists who are interested in fantasy, steampunk, scifi, or modern genres to do B&W and color illustrations for a variety of roleplaying game topics.

Our first publication cycle, The Desire, launched on Monday, July 6th and will feature 13 articles and illustrations by about a dozen different content developers. Internally, we are finishing up the development of cycle 2 (later half of July), and beginning the content development for cycles for August. Our main goal at this point is to expand our readership by providing quality content on a daily basis.

If you like working with a dymanic group that offers lots of flexibility, maximum creativity, and minimal "client input" - please send a cover letter and a sample of your work to In addition, you may want to check out to get an idea as to what we are doing.

I look forward to hearing from you.