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Thread: Map of Ceres: 16th Millenium - by töff

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    Praise Map of Ceres: 16th Millenium - by töff

    Map (Click to enlarge)

    Created in: Illustrator and Photoshop


    Created for the 'Wayfarer' magazine, this is töff's second featured map and is every bit as wonderful as his first, 'Venus Public Transit' which also made it as a Featured Map. The map is a feat of graphic design prowess and coveys an astonishing amount of information in a clear and elegant fashion.

    töff says:
    This map was inspired by the weird winged planet that I envisioned Ceres as having become in the CLVIIth century. I did a cover picture for chapter 31, and somehow or another for chatper 32 I could not resist mapping the whole planet, which is mostly agricultural land on the day side and a "hive of scum and villainy" on the night side.

    I took a two components from Photoshop: the ag texture, stitched & tweaked from some satellite pix from Google; and the Midnight City lights, which are much more visible on the cover pic, glowing green in the night, than they are on the final map because so many city locations & roads etc. had to be layered over them. Oh, and the stars background is swiped (I think) from a Hubble shot. Oh, and the oblique nano colors, I actually rendered 3D from a grid instead of building it in vector form. Cheating, I know. But when it all looks the same after you print, who cares how you got there? Oh, the Cereal Reverence logo was done in Photoshop, with the wheat shapes brought in from Illustrator.

    Otherwise, everything was done in Illustrator, with mutiple layers and quite a few applications of alpha masks and other fx.
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