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    Good morning.

    I've been working feverishly on a new campaign world for D&D. Its been a fun project and I have tons of ideas. Loving getting back to creativity. I have like everyone a limited time and a lot of things to work on. So I'm looking for someone to work with me on the maps.

    Right now this project is a labor of love. But once the love turns into real content I'll be seeking a publisher. Therefore I hope to be clear about the relationship.

    The maps you would create would be owned by you. I'd appreciate using them in my campaign but the copyright would be yours. And publication deals would of course therefore require your permission and I hope some compensation for you.

    But for now though its a labor of love.

    If you're interested please check out the campaign wiki on

    Here is a link to the wiki article on the campaign world.

    If you are interested in making some maps for this world the first Map I need for the campaign is an overland map for two sister continents. I'm attaching a quick mock up of a very small start to this map.

    Also, the rivers in the map are just ideas. The only elements of the map that are currently integrated into the story line are the cities and the regions.

    There are so many great styles up here its hard to focus on one. But one style I really liked was posted by Ascension (sp?) Here is a link to map posted.

    And before anyone asks or suggests, yes I do plan on continuing my own exploration in making maps. Its just a very time consuming activity that is lower on my priorities to the writing and world development.
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    Man, that looks like a fun world to adventure in!

    I hear the hoofbeats of the River Police, though ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by töff View Post
    Man, that looks like a fun world to adventure in!

    I hear the hoofbeats of the River Police, though ...
    Oh don't I know it. I've read a lot about map making and my ideas far exceed my ability. The only elements that are important to me is the vast mountain range on the southern border of Ampara. The north which is currently represented by a big giant forest is actually an area of wilderness. Vast covering most of the continent. I have no strong ideas about how that wilderness is laid out. I'm hoping to find someone to work with on this effort and we can build off each other. The map and the Campaign world development going hand in hand.

    Thanks for posting your comment. I appreciate it. We start the Campaign tonight and the players seem to be excited.

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    I'm totally and completely a newb at this, but I'm going to give it a shot. It sounds like fun and I need practice, if you're willing to work with me.

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    It would be cool to work with you. Since we are both new let me know how you'd like to proceed. I got your message on ObsidianPortal as well. Do you want to start a WIP thread here? I think it would be good so many of the excellent folks here can give feedback to the effort.

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