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Thread: Painter 11 & Photoshop and a lonely CC3

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    Question Painter 11 & Photoshop and a lonely CC3

    Do any of you out there use Painter 11 in hand drawing your maps directly into an image via a drawing tablet? I don't believe I have seen anything related to Painter 11 or any version of Painter as that goes with this forums.

    Do you use it in conjunction (work flow) with Photoshop (Painter 11 will take CS4 .psds and can 'save as' to a .psd for backwards support to CS4) ?

    Do any of you just use Photoshop or Painter to create symbols for CC3 and expansions?

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    Honestly, I had never heard of Painter until you mentioned it. It looks like something worth getting if you're pretty comfortable with natural media. As far as making symbols for CC3, I've always wanted to try my hand at it but I just don't have the time for the next few weeks -- not sure that my style would easily lend itself to it either.
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    There is a Painter tutorial around here somewhere, so I know that someone uses it. I don't recall who, though.

    As for interfacing between Photoshop and CC3, I go the other direction. I lay out city maps in City Designer, then bring them into Photoshop for prettifying.

    I've been looking into Painter, but I haven't taken the jump into really learning how to use it yet.
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    I use Painter 10 for making maps (and drawing and painting in general). I don't combine it with PS or other programs, except for some stuff Painter just doesn't do (well), like manipulating selections and the brush apparently called 'Airbrush Pen Opacity Flow'. I haven't found any equivalents in Painter to that brush. I made a walkthrough quite a while ago, which I never finished, to my shame .

    It's pretty exclusively a program for drawing and painting. It simply doesn't do much else, and you have to take your time to get used to the brushes and find out what they do, and what you can use them for. I only use a few brushes, especially the oil pastel, which will throw colour on your canvas or blend, depending on the pressure you use with your tablet.

    I haven't yet made any mapping symbols using Painter (or ever, for that matter), but I can easily see it being used for drawing/painting that.

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