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    Post Mapmaking Request - Paid

    I am looking for someone to make a coherent set of maps. Basically what I need is:

    1. Detailed World Map - a stylized version and a nav version (see below)
    2. A city map (Phyrras)
    3. A city center (Armory, Inn, Arena, etc.)
    4. A shady area (small city adventure panel)
    5. Outdoor adventure panels
    a. Ruins
    b. Wizard Tower
    c. Cave

    From there we would like to be able to layer in both generic and detailed map panels for "mini" adventures - similar to 5a-5c.

    The focus is digital and they will be displayed in 735x512 pixel container.

    What we are hoping for is a world map and two additional levels of zoom. This could be accomplished by a very detailed world map that can be viewed in full at 735x512 but has enough detail to allow zoom-in to one additional level of detail. Or it could be through additional panels. The final level of zoom will certainly be panels.

    We have backstory and some naming, but are reasonably flexible on the shape of the world.

    We will need to control all IP rights to the primary map and the city details. We do not necessarily need to own detail panels as long as we have a relatively unfettered right to use them.

    If anyone is interested in this project, we are looking to get started immediately. The quality for this needs to be very high. Let me know how much you would charge and point me to some of your work.

    Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions.


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    PM Sent.

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