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Thread: Rocky Shores Test Track (Formula D)

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    Map Rocky Shores Test Track (Formula D)

    Having done little mapping beyond skirmish scale works for Star Wars Miniatures in the past, I thought it would be fun to design & illustrate a custom track for the Formula D board game. It was a twofold challenge: drawing the track in Illustrator and getting the spaces to align properly and then moving on to drawing all of the surroundings and the labels with a pseudo-Formula D style in Photoshop. I'm pretty happy with the result.

    WIP thread here

    I also have a higher resolution version (I usually work with the intention of printing my maps out at large scale) which I'll put up for download if anyone wants it.
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    I must say, these formula tracks are interesting. Might need to look into the game (like I need something else to take all my money
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    It almost makes me to map a track of my own good job!

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    Love it. I like how it's a short, tight track. The game needs more of these so game play can be shorter and still have a decent number of laps.

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