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    i haven't done this before so sorry in advance if i miss something. As the title says i need a picture of an undead city and I'm hoping people will be kind enough to do it for free.

    The city started out as a neutral sort of diplomatic experiment between the civilized races and the monstrous and evil ones. The city is an undead city ruled over by a council of liches. It was built into a large cavern of the underdark (that original section now a small part of the city). originally it was only inhabited by the liches, their minions, and the groupings of undead/zombies that were in the area. but as soon as word spread of a city for undead that was not only ruled by undead but was providing safe haven for them the city was quickly populated and expanded outwards and downwards. Oh and food supplies and graveyards are not located in the city proper but are located above ground in the many small towns and cities that have either been abandoned or taken over.

    As for size well i kinda wanted one the size of a poster (roughly 32in X 20in) if that's not too much trouble for anyone. I plan to mainly have it on the computer and print out parts of it as the campaign continues.

    I'm hoping to get this map before September for my DND game. Style wise I'm not sure but the main thing i want most people to think when they see the city is this feeling of monolithic size and grandeur.

    I'm sorry if this is too much ask of anyone but I've just built up this city as being the most impressive and massive construction in the world and i know that I'm a terrible artist and could never create or even try to draw this out without ruining it.

    I've also attached a picture of the above ground area surrounding the necropolis (sorry for the strange angle in the picture). The entrance to the necropolis being in the center of the mountain range.
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