Due to a large influx of spam-bot registrations, I'm implementing a temporary top-level domain ban on all .info email addresses. The only people this SHOULD really effect are spam bots and people who do mapping that are also webmasters of .info domains (which may not be anyone).

I intend for this ban to be temporary as an effort to help the spammers get the idea that this site is very proactive against spam and that they are not welcomed here. If you feel that your account or ability to post has been affected because of this ban, please email me.

If this ban seems to have no affect on the number of spambots, I will lift the ban. What you may not be aware of is that I delete 5 to 10 accounts from spam bots on a daily basis, and I intend to cut back on that number...how I don't know yet, but I believe that upgrading to a more robust board system may be the answer. I am just reluctant to upgrading if its going to cost me the posts we already have here. Stay tuned!