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    Post wow, nice work here!!

    I found this site after playing around with a tutorial I found on psdtuts+ on "how to make an old world map". One of the comments referred to this site. I didn't check it out immediately, instead I played around with the tutorial (which did exactly what it was meant to do - act as a learning experience). It inspired me to do something a bit more funky, and while looking for some good paper textures to work into my background, I inadvertently found myself here.. At that point I gave in and became a member, see what the fuss was about.


    While my own tastes typically run towards antique maps, I have to say, all of the maps here are amazing, and many are truly stunning!

    I notice while reading through guideline posts that a WIP thread seems to be expected, I hadn't thought to do that while working on my current map.

    That having been said, some feedback would be great, while I would like to consider this a finished piece I wouldn't mind fleshing out more details to really bring it to life (rivers, more land features etc).

    About me? Well, I'm approaching 40, appreciate and create art, less over the last few years since my job took over my life, but I'm off work due to a back injury right now and finding time to brush off my photoshop skills (yes, pun intentional). and Canadian, eh

    Y'all seem a fairly friendly group around here, and I look forward to working on some of the tutorials here.. you can never learn enough!

    The image itself:
    4 days old
    1280x800 (was originally intended to be a wallpaper for the laptop, next one will likely be larger now that i'm having fun with it!)
    psd file, 23 megs (woot!) jpg 287k
    33 current active layers (aprox 130 before i merged several groups to make it easier to modify effects - yes, layers are my friend!)
    Background is composited from 4 different paper textures, half a dozen adjustment and effect layers and more filters and tiny brushwork than i care to remember
    The islands themselves are 100% photoshop generated
    The terrain and embellishments are composited from a dozen or so different realworld maps. (I'd used my own work previous to this, but it wasn't giving the old world effect I wanted for this piece)

    Right now the main thing that's bothering me is the font, I wanted something that looked fantasy based, but I can't seem to get that old world feel to the look of it.

    (sorry for being so talkative, I've been kooped up for a few months now with very few people to talk to)
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