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    I decided to work on some city mapping. Amfissa is one of the larger cities on the Luwath Peninsula. It sits on a bit of land separating a pair of lakes. Its possition inspired the canal and I decided to make it a center of religious scholarship as well as comerce. Its a large city by medieval standards 20-30k permanent inhabitants (someone please correct me if the map at this scale is too large or too small for that population, its all guesswork at this end how physically big the city should be.)

    Anyhow this is it, C&C please.
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    I like it very much. I can't address the relationship to the CWBP and whatnot but aesthetically, very clean and nice.
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    Its a very nice map. I like the nice clean lines and especially the layout. Its got nice spaced out places which reminds me of places in say Palestine / Jordan or Greece where they seemed to build temples out on there own more than as part of a city. I assume that theres more houses in that city but it feels good to highlight these special places.

    Anyway - I put you on the map as it were... fits pretty well too ! This is what it looks like to scale. If you feel like it you can do a little region around it to tie it in a bit more but most people haven't.

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    Looks great. Any story to go with it?


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    Looking good - lots of tie-ins to the pantheon (which I especially like since I created a large part of it).
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    Nice, schematic map. A style I would expect in an atlass for example.

    Legend contains a possible spelling error: "churchs" should be "churches"?
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    yeah... I gotta remember that Illustrator has a spell check. Thanks for pointing that out.
    I've got some story for this in my head, just need to jot it down tonight.

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    I'm really liking this city. May have to steal it.

    More later. Keep up the good work.
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