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Thread: *** jul/aug lite challenge - fairytale ***

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    Post *** jul/aug lite challenge - fairytale ***

    Continuing the theme of 'Enchantment' in chalenges this month, this month's lite challenge is to draw a map based on a well known fairy tale. Please feel free to embroider the map with elements of your own invention not mentioned in the story.

    Your map must include: -Major locations described in the fairy tale.

    Your map may include: - Additional locations of your own making.

    Extra Kudos Points: - For a beautiful Border to your map.

    Please title your entry with the name of the fairy tale that you are mapping: eg: July/Aug Lite Entry - Snow White

    The contest will end on or about 10th August.

    Good Luck Everyone!

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    Funny, I had begun playing with a Sinbad's Travels themed map for the Enchanted challenge, but I think it'll work better here and with a more generous time limit which befits my schedule a lot better.

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    Interesting challenge, but I'll probably skip it as I have an old project I should finish.

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    I'd do it as a boardgame map!

    I throw this spoiler idea out here because I have no time to compete in the challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    Now that's an idea! Reminds me of the game 'Talisman' sold mine for a tidy profit on ebay a while ago now it's out of print.
    Talisman...there's a game I haven't heard about in awhile. Played a lot of that in college. The monk was over-powered.
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    I actually have an idea for this comp and may participate. But we'll see

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