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Thread: A few reasons for being so quiet

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    Post A few reasons for being so quiet

    So a few things came out this week that might explain why I've been quite so quiet these past couple of months.

    Halls of the Mountain King: a 3.5 adventure series around 8-12th level in a huge series of dwarven halls with a secret cult of Mammon, cursed gold and evil statues. This involved 12 maps (or so), many of which are isometric and the rest had to be printable at 1 inch squares (something like 25 square feet when all was said and done!). They're all under wraps for another month at least until the 4e version is out.

    Kobold Quarterly 10 is available in stores! This has a multilevel Arabian Inn with a dark secret in the under caves. Now because you can buy it I obviously can't post the map but I can say that I'm very happy with it. The magazine also has an article on the care and feeding of gelatinous cubes, so there's more than one good reason you might want to pick up a copy.

    Zobeck Gazeteer 2: Dwarves of the Ironcrags: The second gazeteer for Wolfgang Baur's Zobeck world details a set of dwarven cantons in which the Halls of the Mountain King takes place, along with new spells, feats and prestige classes for dwarves in any game. I did the heraldry and the regional map that opens the book. Now I can't show you the map, but if you go over to the rpgnow page (link above) and leaf through the preview you might just see some familiar cartography....

    So not a lot to show, but lots of stuff appearing in the stores. When I get a chance to post the maps I will, but it'll be a month or so before that happens.

    Back to lurking for a bit!

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    My haven't you been the busy, busy little boy.
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