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Thread: Agoya Shrine, Kaidan

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    Map Agoya Shrine, Kaidan

    Inspired by my own Assassin's Lair map from last month. I thought I use the style to create a site map for my upcoming Pathfinder Adventure module, The Gift for my Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting.

    Agoya Shrine - located just east of the Pass through the mountains. This will be the party's "campsite" for the third night on the road. A Shoten (shaman) will provide food, lodging and some education on the religions of Kaidan. He will provide some divination to the party, and he has a puzzle to solve.

    This took me five hours to create, tonight.


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    Pretty nice You work quite fast I have to say!

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    Nice stuff! Though when I think of a shrine, there are always little details that I think of... Little things like a water basin with a ladle near the entrance, for purifying one's hands and mouth before approaching the main building of the shrine. I really like the gate too, in my mind I picture it with a red frame and roof resembling a torii... if it had a shimenawa hanging across it, it would -really- remind me of a torii. I also love the design of the priest, a nice heian influence.

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    Post I forgot the purification spring - doh!

    You're right, ScriptKitty! I forgot the purification spring, something I need to add then. The shadow on the gate illustration moved anyway, while I was saving the file, so I need to fix that anyway.

    The gate is made of stone, though it could be painted as well.

    Hey check your PMs at the top right of the page - I sent you a couple PMs, ScriptKitty.

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    Very nice Gamerpinter. The "shaman" and temple look great.
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    the dirt looks good on the stairs, but it would look even better if it continued on the upper stairs in smaller patches. It also bothers me a bit that it's just a bit too transparent when it hits the stairs.. but that's just a minor detail. I love the artwork btw, just awesome.

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    Another excellent building map from GP. Five hours? Wow that's fast! Did you have illustrations of the Shoten and the gate entrance ready when you started making this map?

    Jykke: good call with the dirt. I might add that there appears to be no dirt whatsoever on the steps of the gate.

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    Great stuff GP!

    Good to see your various vision/ideas for Kaidan coming to fruition.
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    I realy like this old man

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    Very artistic and pleasant to look at. Great job; your game is going to rock with this kind of work supporting it!
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