After having surfed the web for quite a while tonight, I have located this community. I was very interested to look at the different varieties of maps, from beginner levels all the way through masterwork maps.

I am in the process of designing a game world for my regular gaming group (Dungeons and Dragons 3E), and I have completed my world map so far, but I have been running out of ideas for generating city maps and dungeon maps for the world. The world map is digitally-hand-drawn, and it is probably somewhere in the middle as far as quality goes compared to most of the work I have seen here. I will probably post it here at some point (I have to break out the laptop or portable hard drive, convert it, and upload it.) I also need to read the rules on uploading, as simply uploading it in its present size would probably take a day or two to fully download.

Anyhow, nice to meet you all and I'll be lurking for a bit longer.