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    This is a map for the game that I am currently running, and by running I mean not running because not enough players ever turn up to actually run a session. It seems like when I ask people if they want to play they will tell me yes even if the answer is no.

    Anyway, the map is meant to be an actual item in the game given to them by the leader of their community when they are sent out to save the world from evil or whatever it is they are doing. It's a medieval fantasy setting with not many mages but lots of wizards so I guess it is a bit like greyhawk except it isn't at all except for in the ways that it is shamlessly ripped off from greyhawk.

    The geography is a bad because It used to be good but nothing was where I wanted it to be so I changed it. If anyone asks about that then a wizard did it.

    I made three previous versions of this map that were all slapped together very quickly and with not a great deal of thought. I started using one of them in the game, but it sucked really badly so I switched to this one and concluded that it both looks okay and is functional.
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