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Thread: Post Apocalyptic Amerika - by Sapiento

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    Post Post Apocalyptic Amerika - by Sapiento

    Map (Click to enlarge)

    Created in: Photoshop & Inkscape


    Some lovely detail and painstaking labelling in this map. Sapiento started with an outline map of North America, which he traced in inkscape and then overlaid the colour work in photoshop using inkscape again to create the flags. Note the little purple stamps in the bottom left corner and the shift of the pole to somewhere off the west coast.

    The labels are particularly interesting to read: 'The Empyre of Texarado' has swollen to absorb the midwest, Alaska is now simply 'Laska' and the Flags tell of a democracy which has (d)evolved into a balkanised continent governed by theocracies and pseudo medieval noble houses (at least to my eye).

    This map is all in the detail, and there's plenty of it to enjoy.

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