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    Wip Into the Wyld

    I've been working on a massive campaign idea that is a mix between pBp, Ars Ludi's west marches, and the discovery channel's life after people series. So being a member of this most wonderful guild ("one of us, one of us" the voices are saying) my first impulse was to make a map, and so I have.

    It's an old timey map with a naming theme based on welsh, middle english, and celtic language styles. The concept here is that it's the only map the empire (which is recolonizing the region) has. Unfortunately the map is nearly 800 years old as that is the last time anyone from the outside had contact with the locals. An unknown cataclysm has shattered all known society in the area and now the empire is trying to grab what it can now that it has discovered that its free for the taking (or is it?).

    Anyhow the final version of this map is what the adventurers will have to work with to find their way around. After 800 years they will find that some places have vanished, other places have appeared, and some have moved about strangely. So it's not fully accurate but it will give them a foundation upon which to plan where they are going.

    At any rate this is still a WIP, while I consider it largely done I still have to do naming for natural landmarks (prominent mountains, rivers, lakes, etc) and most likely need to put in some forests. There is also the possibility of tweaking the style which is why I posted it here. I'd like feedback on what you like and don't like and ways you think things could be changed to improve it.

    -- Warning: massive map (even after I shrunk it to 75%) --
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