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Thread: My hell campaign maps

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    Help My hell campaign maps

    ok here are a few maps that i have started to work on. I am looking for suggestions
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    My primary suggestion at this point would be in regards to your grid. Perhaps less subdivisions (1 every 4 or 5 feet, rather than what looks like about one every 16 inches ). As it is, a lot of your detail seems obscured - perhaps reducing the contrast on the lines? What kind of software are you using?

    Other than that, not a bad start. (I'm not much of a dungeon mapper, so most comments I have would relate just to aesthetics, I'll let the pro's take over from here, lol)

    Question about the one on the left, does the orange represent flames/lava, or would that be glowing hot rock?

    (On closer inspection, the second has a decent grid, it's mostly the first one that would concern me in that respect)
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    My personal hell campaign map can be found at if you're interested. Wait, wait. That's my neighborhood. The churchies have me surrounded!

    With regards to the maps posted, they look like typical battlemaps. Should be quite well suited for that purpose. I would say that you might want to try a medium gray grid, preferably at 50% opaque if the software you're using will support it. As it is, the grids pull hard on my vision making it tough for me to see the underlying information.

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    Have to agree with Coyotemax & Waldronate, the grids are a bit overwhelming.

    You might also consider 'toning down' the background color of the first map - it actually hurt my eyes a bit to look at it.
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    What software are you using? If you put that information in your personal details section it will show up under your avatar so we won't keep pestering you with the same question!

    Re the map itself, agreed with the previous posts. If you tell us the software you're using to make them (looks like CC2 but I can't be sure) then we can provide specific software oriented suggestions to help you improve the map.

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    I agree that both the lava onthe first map needs to be toned down and that you need less grid lines on both maps.

    From the looks of it, you are using CC3 right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by waldronate View Post
    My personal hell campaign map can be found at
    Hahaha.... brilliant

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