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Thread: Inverness class starship (3d)

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    Post Inverness class starship (3d)

    This is another model I made with Google sketchup I think it's quite well done, how do you find it?

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    Good to see you working with Sketchup Jaspertje. I love that software. Nice model!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    Very nice jaspertije! Have you checked out Sci-Fi meshes? It's a great site for 3d modelling spaceships.
    Where can I download the program itself? I can't find it.

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    There isn't a single programme they use, it's a bit like this Guild. People use all sorts of 3d apps from the very expensive (3dMax, Maya) to cheaper ones. I use a 3d app called Silo by Nevercenter - absolutely love it. The main free 3d app is Blender and there is also Wings 3d

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    Oh I love the program!

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    Nice ship, very aggressive looking, I'd hate to encounter that one and find out it's hostile towards me

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