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    Post Hello again

    Hi All,
    I have actually posted in the new members thread before.
    But that was a while ago and I did not really do anything here after that.
    So instead of resurrecting the old thread, I figured I would start fresh.

    I have been doing some digital artwork and editing for about 4 years now.
    I have some experience with risk game board design (Conquer Club maps have smaller scale of 800x800 pixels max) but want to broaden my ability's and skills.
    This place was always intriguing but there is only so much time in the day right?

    But now I am moving away from CC to explore other areas here.
    I am glad to become a part of the group here an I am looking forward to the contests, meeting new
    people and growing in my knowledge of digital media and design.

    With that being said, can anyone recommend a good way to start?
    Most of the posts I have read say look over the tutorials (which I will do) but I am also interested in all the different software packages people use.

    I will read over them and check them out in the forums but, could I get a quick "here is the software I use and why" from several people? I would appreciate it.

    I currently have Photoshop CS2 and After effects 6.5 Pro (I sometimes use this for some animation or 3D setups) and I have illustrator at work. I am a mechanical engineer by trade and work for GM in the advance vehicle integration department.


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    Post Software List

    Here's a link to our General Mapping software list...

    Pick one, download some trials, or just the free ones! (GIMP, Inkscape). Then immediately start on a tutorial. Even if you're unfamiliar with the app, the tuts will usually "hand-hold your way through."

    Explore - welcome back.

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    Welcome back. Kinda cool job there, I began drawing and art way back when I was 7 hoping that some day I could design cars...I can't add 2 + 2 so that fell through As for the software, each has it's strengths and weaknesses, quirks and learning curves. Peruse the Finished maps section to see what you want to aim for and then look to see what they use.
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    Welcome to the Guild (again)!
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    Welcome Widowmakers.
    In response to your request:

    My software use (as you can see at the side) is dictated largely by cost - ie they're mostly free!

    I also prefer simple. I don't like learning curves that require hiking boots, much less crampons! I probably use only a few percent of the capabilities of Inkscape and Gimp, but what I like about them is that I can use them for simple tasks without needing to know everything - giving me time and incentive to learn more with practice. I just wish they had better help files.

    Viewingdale is my primary software at present. It's not free, but it's a long way from Photoshop money! I like it because it's more than a mapmaker, it's a virtual environment creator. I can create an entire universe within it (that's one of my tasks) zooming from the largest to smallest scale to enter any city or building in any continent of any world like a 2D walkthrough. I find ordinary maps are so static in comparison.
    I just need more textures, more tokens, more... INPUUUT!
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    Welcome Aboard!

    Regarding software, since you already have Photoshop & Illustrator you can pretty much do anything you need.
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