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    Help I need suggestions!

    Hola! I'm a noob at this graphic stuff, but I have already figured out a lot about GIMP. Now I want to try something harder...creating game rooms. Not link a full out online game, but I want to learn how to create rooms for them. Just as a hobby, nothing to serious. But I would really appreciate it if someone taught me how, and or directed me to a software that that is its purpose, or close too it. If I ever learn how to create rooms, I will post them on the forums. Thanks!

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    Just for mapping rooms, DungeonCrafter (or whatever it's called these days ... Dunjinni?) will do you fine.

    You don't mean creating interactive 3D rooms, do you? :\

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    Well I will try dungeon crafter LOL, but I want any suggestions I can get. Wheter they be 3D rooms or just maps

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    Dungeon Designer 3
    (addon for Campaign Cartographer 3)

    Also see the sticky in this forum:

    Oh, and welcome to the guild
    Check out my City Designer 3 tutorials. See my fantasy (city) maps in this thread.

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    Try Dungeonforge too.
    Mapping a Traveller ATU.

    See my (fantasy-based) apprenticeship blog at:

    Look for Chit Chat, Sandmann's blog. Enjoy.

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    The GIMP itself is quite good at creating interior maps, also. Search the tutorials forum for a post by Duvik about creating dungeon maps in Photoshop. Most of that tutorial can be easily done with Gimp.

    Consult for textures and the user creations forums at for objects.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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