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Thread: Red Hand of Doom 'final' dungeon - WIP

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    Wip Red Hand of Doom 'final' dungeon - WIP

    Hello again dear guild members.

    After a few weeks back home to Norway and some traveling around here in Korea I got back to some more attempts at mapping.

    Next up when my players eventually get there, if they get there, is the Fane of Tiamat located within the mountains. All credits to Mike Schley ( who created the original maps for WotC.

    Everything is done in CC3 and since it's a WIP I haven't scaled it for play yet.
    I've spent most of the time creating walls, recreating them and fixing up gaps so that I could MultiPoly the mountain around the rooms and hallways. There are still some I can't find that only show up if I put texture on the black area around, so I kept it black.

    I'm looking around for fitting textures for polished stone floors and caves, and also experimenting with sheet effects which is why I have yet to put in any details like doors, stairs etc.

    The "granite" room has a separate floor texture as it's a natural cave, though granite isn't the best texture here so it will be changed. And the elevation between the tiers could perhaps be shown in a better way.

    Comments, criticism and suggestions are much appreciated

    edit: I just noticed the corners near the southern entrance, they have been fixed with a quick line to path.

    As a small side project (and so much harder) I've been working on an overland map for the players, but since we switched to both Pathfinder rules and campaign setting I changed the whole map to fit in Golarion. East in Golarion between Taldor and Galt and replaced Brindol with Yanmass.

    The map is supposed to have been drawn by a hobgoblin, though with eventually more detail than what is on the original map in RHoD.
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