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    Wip Battletech Planet Outreach revision

    Nearly finished. Thanks goes to Ascension and Pasis for the tutorials. Both saved me a lot of aggravation.

    This is Outreach, a planet occupied and owned by Wolf's Dragoons from the early 31st century to 3067 when the pseudo religious and anti-clan organization "Word of Blake" nuked their home continent of Remus from orbit. This after a failed attempt at retribution against the Word for killing their leader, Jaime Wolf, and a fair number of other Dragoons by subterfuge. These were the opening shots in what has come to be known as the Word of Blake Jihad, a conflict on a scale and with atrocities not seen since the 29th century.

    The western continent is Remus, the personal training grounds and home for the Dragoons. Place names are inferred from several novels, especially "Wolf Pack" by Robert Charrette, 1992.

    The eastern continent is Romulus, planetary capital Harlech. Also a respite for mercenaries from around the galaxy and home to the AMC, Allied Mercenary Command, competitor to Comstar's MRBC, Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission.

    Map continents and general geographic details from the Inner Sphere sourcebook. Some place names are made up by reasonable inference that the original settlers were Welsh and Italian (ergo Harlech and Romulus).

    Hope you like it. I need to get the accuracy nuts to review this as well as get a few more names made up on Remus. I also need to incorporate the planet into the background and plan to introduce an ominous warship with nuclear pinpricks of light on the background planet. Other than that it's done.

    I'm tired, have a headache, and want to go to bed now.
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