I am starting up a Star Wars Roleplaying Game campaign. The campaign hires the players (crew of a ship) to explore the Oryn Sector. I haven't finished writing up the details on the Oryn Sector (I've got a couple of weeks), but here is the rough idea:

The Oryn Sector is a section of deep space just outside of Kessel in the outer rim. It consists of fifteen star systems (with a total of twenty one planets), a black hole, two nebula, four interstellar asteroid fields, two regular comets, and a wormhole. The most advanced systems have recently developed space technology and have begun exploring the sector.

Here's a Sector Map that shows each star system:
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The hyperspace lanes are shown in blue (major hyperlanes) and brown (minor hyperlanes). Hyperspace times shown are for a x1 hyperdrive. [The ships in our campaign have a x2 and x3 hyperdrive so the travel times will be doubled and tripled, respectively.]

As usual, any comments or criticisms would be appreciated.