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Thread: Dungeon Maps

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    Post Dungeon Maps

    This is one of my recently created dungeon maps. Feel free to stock and modify it for personal, non-commercial use. My apologies for the poor resolution.

    Designer's Map Notes

    - Upper elevations are shaded light gray.
    - Some statues are actually stone/clay/iron/flesh guardians/golems.
    - Adventurers arrive in area 1 via teleport (trap), tunnel + trap door in ceiling, or as GM desires.
    - Area 3 (& a-c in the cavernous area) is filled with icy water from a source I neglected to illustrate. Feel free to make something up.
    - Area 12 alcoves: contains ceramic and crystal urns and vases.
    - The right side of the dungeon complex can only be accessed through 1 or 2 of 3 secret doors, or the stairs on the other side of the chasm in area 13.
    - The stairs in area 13 allow for dungeon expansion to an upper and lower level.
    - Area 15: summoning chamber of a high priest. That's his/her consecrated altar in area 14. The sculptures depict avatars of the priest's deity.
    - 17, 37 & 45 are crypts.
    - The false door at 22a (or 24a, depending on how the labeling is interpreted ) teleports victims to an airtight, sealed cell (33). The possibility of suffocation might be a concern.
    - Area 28 has a low ceiling (8'), contains a pressure plate (placed at GM's discretion) that causes a pair of portculli (thin black lines - again, apologies for the poor quality) to seal off the exits, and the chamber to fill with water (or acid, if the GM is feeling particularly unforgiving). The water will not reach beyond the top of either staircase but will be sufficient to drown the room's occupants.
    - Area 30: contains a statue at the center of a dais or fountain.
    - The passage between area 32 & 35 suffered a cave-in. That dark glob is rubble.
    - Area 39 contains one-way doors that open inward and forcefully slam shut; to change the direction they open, see below. Additionally, the pillars are randomly trapped.
    - The "hot side" of the fire wall in area 39 faces outward and it guards a magical device at the center of the room that switches the direction the doors open (inward/outward).
    - The wall near the middle of area 44 contains 2 spy holes/arrow slits.
    - Area 49: contains a large, un/holy water fountain that should match the un/holy sanctuary in area 50.
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    Always cool to see a nice well done CC map.
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    Nice combo of old-style cyan with a newer CC 'flair'
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    Thanks for the comments! I just "finished" level 2; I don't have ideas for another level so this project is done for now. Both maps were exercises in layout and design so they will probably remain unpolished. I won't bore anyone with feature commentary as before . Thanks for looking.
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    Nice Dungeons. I love old school crawls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wormspeaker View Post
    Nice Dungeons. I love old school crawls.
    Those days of old, when we were young... I prefer the second map. Clear and nice. Repped.

    I used it as an example
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    Rather than start a new thread, I will add maps to this one. Here are two versions of the same map, with and without labels.
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    This is a larger dungeon complex (with and without labels) that has varying depths. The three rivers slope downward toward the lakes but I left those details and the height of each waterfall to the discretion of the GM. The dotted turquoise lines (1a) in the central caverns indicate low ceilings.

    Unless otherwise noted, each square on my dungeon maps is 10'x10'.
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    Real nice maps there. I feel in a repping mood...

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    Bonk! I dub thee repped. I'd shudder to think what a two to four page sized megadungeon of yours would look like....

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