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Thread: Map making for Empire: Total war?

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    Help Map making for Empire: Total war?

    Hi, I am trying and would like to make a 3d map for a game called Empire: Total
    War(ETW). There is only one tutorial that shows how to make a map in ETW.
    It's the Lordz group. They were able to make an tutorial but it seems to be bit complicated for new map makers like me.

    So it was nice of them to refer the Cartographer's guild for extra help.

    I hope its not too much for me to ask if some can look at that lordz tutorial and point me at the right direction or at least give me
    some tips?

    Here is the tutorial:
    Don't worry there isn't any virus or malware in the file.

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    Well. what seems the most difficult task to you? The generation of the actual terrain, texture maps, distribution maps..? I think personally that there are quite many steps, but it's a good basic tutorial that will probably give you good results if you just get the steps figured out with help or by yourself.

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    Well to show how clueless I am, I have never made maps before. I read the tutorials like 5 or 10 times already for the past few weeks, have no idea how
    to start.

    I do have experience using gimp. I used it to make quite good signatures.

    Well I just need to get started on making the layers first. Could some one show an tutorial on how to do that or just the making layers before generating terrian part?

    Thank you so much.
    You have no idea how helpful it would be for me.

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