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    Hey all,

    Great stuff lately, sorry I have been out but duty called (a commercial map deadline and finals happened at the same time). I read Clark Ashton's Smith's Zothique the other day and figured that while I was working off some steam from all that frantic activity I could maybe put together a Zothique map.

    For those of you who may not have heard of Zothique, CAS was a contemptorary and collegue of HP Lovecraft. I know the style is not everyone's cup of tea, but I have always enjoyed it myself. You can get the Zothique stories online ( which is also rather cool.

    As for the map, there wasn't one from the author himself. Zothique kind of grew into being much like Howard's Conan stories, and built on top of one another. There was a map that Lin Carter did (and CAS "edited and approved") but it is a rather sorry looking creature (not entirely unusual for its day of course). The following map used that sketch as a base, then adjusted for my take on the stories and their locales. I tried to sdtay true to the tales where possible, which was an interesting exercise in and of itself. All of the placenames used are directly from the stories...
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