No point in lieing about it, at the moment my world is still unnamed.
This part revolves around a city with a unique situation, one of the few slopes on the shoreline. As this part is plagued by tall seaside cliffs, havenport, as the city is called, is a trading town.

Well, won't bother you with the story just yet (since there isn't anything to see yet =P ), but figured I'd post a WIP.
I'm following RobA's fantastic tutorial:
Even someone with close to no artistic talent is able to follow it.
This is about try #4 or #5, lost count. First one or two times it was gimp that spaced and didn't show the overlay, etc.
In anycase, what I have:

Now I'm sure I didn't adhere to natural rules in regards to the island / mountains.
The island would've made more sense if it were more to the right, so at the moment it is probably 'man made'. That said, nature is known for freaky stuff, so it might be natural aswell, take your pick.
Mainly interested in comments regarding steps from the tutorial I might've missed or possibly did wrong. I really don't mind comments about 'nature would've done it that way' either, might aswell learn the thought process behind that aswell.
So basically.. all comments welcome =)

PS: Making maps is sort of fun