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    Post [taken]passage of time

    I would like to see a map that has a before and after stage.
    A building before and after it's been put to the torch.
    A small village sacked or overgrown after being deserted.
    A small natural cave carved into a keep.
    A castle to ruins
    A dry area before and after being flooded.
    A settlement or camp that becomes a small town.

    The basic idea is that an adventuring party sees a place, then many years later have a reason to revisit it and the changes that would make it a new experience.

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    Post Cool, but no poll...

    Very cool idea! I think I could do something like that for Kaidan, not for the challenge, but on my own.

    However, while I'd certainly vote for the idea, when you create a Challenge Suggestion thread, you need to create a "yes" or "no" poll with it. You forgot to post a poll.

    Unfortunately you can't add it to an existing thread, you have to do it when you first create it, so you'll need to start a new thread, with this idea, DK. Insure you go to the bottom of the page, to require a poll, give it 2 options, click OK, then it will take you to a new page where you place the actual poll verbage.

    That's it.

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    Interesting.. I almost did this exact thing with my city map. i'd planned it out in 4 separate stages on paper (as notes), and then put the final town together in photoshop. *ponders*

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    Cool concept. Cool Idea!
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    Ok will start a new Poll, thanks for the info.

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